Why Extra Virgin Olive oil?

It is common to believe that olive oil is the same in all of its varieties. Nothing further from the truth.

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Oil takes care of you

Olive oil is healthy because of their plant properties.

The Extra Virgin olive oil is quality of life.

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Excellence Awards

Chosen One of the best oils in the world

Reales Almazaras` olive oil quality is recognized around the world.

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Protected Designation of Origin (POD)

Designations of Origin are a manner of ensuring the unique quality of an oil or a foodstuff. They are a distinctive sign, defined by the European Union, to guarantee that a product fulfils certain quality conditions, and also acquires exclusive properties determined by the geographical and climate environment of the area where the product has been manufactured in a traditional and specific way.

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Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil improves your health

Controlled evaluation of fat intake in the Mediterranean diet: comparative activities of olive oil and corn oil on plasma lipids and platelets in high-risk patients…

Get used to olive oil

A first of its kind consumer study from the Olive Center at the University of California, Davis, finds a disconnect between consumer preference and expert ratings for olive oil labeled as extra virgin. It looks like Northern Californian consumers prefer rancid olive oil to the bitter and pungent olive oil favored by expert olive oil tasters…


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