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The capital of the historic Bajo Aragón region, Alcañiz, is at an altitude of 340 meters. The area is at a latitude of 41º and is, therefore, together with its altitude and climate, suitable for growing olive trees.

The land is formed by thick sedimentary layers (clay, gypsum, and sandstones) and belongs to the Tertiary period. It is ideal to grow olive trees due to their adaptability to different components. Soil pH ranges from 7.5 to 8.5, approximately. Temperatures reach their lowest values in January, February, and March, going down to -10 ºC. Its average rainfall is of 300 to 400 mm3. Its terraced fields and the nature of the soil are favourable. Nevertheless, the soil is looser and thicker than those in other olive-producing areas. Thus, water usage is more effective.